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Protect yourself the next time…with Bernie's Speeding Ticket Protection Plan



Pay an Annual
Membership Fee

Just like Amazon Prime or Costco, pay an annual fee for a Bernie Protection Plan.  We have 3 to choose from, so one of them should be within your budget and risk tolerance.

Upload Your
Moving Violation

If you happen to get busted for a MOVING VIOLATION during the year of your Bernie Protection, upload it to our site for verification.

Receive Your Money

Once your moving violation is verified as legit, you will receive a check from Bernie.


[Frequently Asked Questions]

How much does this cost?

We have 3 plans to choose from.  Click here to view a comparison between all 3.

Is this a monthly recurring charge?

No.  It's a one time per year type of charge.  Not a monthly charge.

What does it cover?

All 3 plans cover basic moving violations.  Some plans cover more things than others.  For example, the Corvette Plan covers alcohol- and drug-related moving violations and reckless driving.  Check the Plan Details here to find out the specifics of each Plan.  Note that none of the plans cover parking violations or automated red light camera violations.

Does this work anywhere in the world?

No.  The Bernie Protection Plan is good only in the USA (all 50 states only).

What's not covered?

Automated red light camera tickets and parking tickets.  Those are not covered. Remember that this is MOVING VIOLATION protection, not parking ticket protection.  Because cops are not involved in those automated red light tickets that you get in the mail, those are not covered either.  Bust most anything else is covered. Check your plan for details.

When is coverage effective?

Coverage starts 7 days after payment has been made, and ends 365 days after coverage starts.

Can I cancel and receive a refund?

Yes.  If you cancel within the 7-day grace period before coverage starts, you can cancel for a full refund (minus credit card transaction fees).

What's the payout?

The payout is a one-time lump sump payment from us per Plan year.  Depending on the plan you pick it could be one of 3 different payouts.  Check your plan for details.

Are all family members covered, or just me?

Just you.  This is a per person protection plan.  If you want your whole family covered, we do offer a discount for multiple person protection.

How often can I use this protection?

Like condoms, it's a one-time use kind of thing.  Use it once, and you are eligible to apply for protection again on your Plan anniversary.

If I get a moving violation within the year of my protection, how do I submit a claim?

You can submit a claim here.

How fast (or slow) is the payout?

Once you upload your moving violation ticket, it usually takes us about 5 work days to verify the legitimacy of the ticket and issue you a check.

How do you verify a claim?

We use various 3rd party sources to verify the legitimacy of your moving violation.  When you submit your claim, make sure that the image of the moving violation is not blurry.

Can you deny a claim?

Yes, we reserve the right to deny a claim for any of the following reasons:

  • The moving violation claim has been falsified/tampered with.
  • Our 3rd party sources cannot locate or verify that you have in fact received a moving violation as stated in your claim.
  • The moving violation is for someone other than the person covered.
  • The moving violation is outside the period of coverage.
  • You have already submitted a claim once during your period of coverage.
  • The violation isn't covered under the plan specifics (e.g., reckless driving or a DUI charge when you have the most economical plan we offer).
  • The violation is from an automated red light camera or is a parking-related ticket.






Did you receive a moving violation covered by your Bernie Protection plan?  Some reminders before filing your claim:

  • Remember that Bernie Protection plans only cover moving violations.  They do not cover automated red light violations nor do they cover any sort of parking violations.
  • Some plans cover reckless driving and/or DUI-related violations, while others don't.  Check your plan details to know what is covered.
  • Coverage is per person.  Relatives/family members and such are not covered.
  • One claim per Plan year.
  • We have the right to verify the legitimacy of the violation by various means.
  • We have up to 5 work days to verify your violation, and may request additional information.

Have you read the above and are good to go? Click the button below to get started.