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So you got a DWUI in Wyoming

In Wyoming, there is no mandatory minimum jail sentence for a first DWUI offense. If you act fast, you may not have to give up your license until you’re proven guilty. Also, WY law doesn’t prohibit the reduction of DWUI charges to lesser criminal offenses.

10 Things That Could Result From Having A DUI

One of the 10 things on this list is insurance: it's gonna cost you a crapload more than the DUI fine or lawyer fee ever will. Another is travel: did you know that some countries won't let you in if you have been convicted of a DUI?

DUI’s in Vermont

A DUI conviction in Vermont will remain on both your driving and your criminal record for life, so it’s in your best interest to at least try and fight it. If the DMV doesn’t hear from you within 7 days of being charged, your license will be automatically suspended.

So you drank and drove in Alaska

An Alaska DUI first offense = about $1,500 in fines, a MINIMUM of 72 days in jail, license suspension for at least 90 days. 72 hours of community service, and installation and maintenance of an IID in your vehicle for 12 months following reinstatement of your license.

The DUI Law in Montana

If you get busted for a DUI in Montana, yes, you will go to jail for at least one day per state law. Sorry, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

So You Got a DUI in Nevada

If you refuse a chemical test, you will lose your license. If it’s the first time you’ve refused within seven years, you’re facing a one-year suspension.

DUIIs in Oregon

A DUII in Oregon will result in your license being suspended while the case is being investigated, unless you take action as soon as humanly possible.

So You Got a DUI in Oklahoma

A new Oklahoma DUI law signed this past June abolishes the appeal process that accused drunk drivers could use to challenge the revocation of their licenses