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A lot of us have been there before:

  • you interviewed for a new job…it's an awesome job
  • you really want that damn job
  • the potential employer asked you for some info from you (DL#, SSN, DOB) so that they can run a background check on you
  • you panic a little bit because of that f***ing DUI you got when you were 19 and doing really dumb stuff.

So…you want to know:

Are they going to find out about my stupid DUI I got when I was young and dumb and full of ___?

And what should I do if I get asked about it?

Odds are pretty damn high that your potential employer (that you gave your personal info to and gave permission to run a background check on you) WILL FIND OUT ABOUT YOUR OLD DUI

What will your employer find out?

Although there are certain legal restrictions, the majority of employers still try to gain as much information about you. Why? To weed you out, of course. To find that one excuse to not hire you.  The following list is what you can expect then to find out about you during a background check:

      • History of employment
      • Credit report (if you have a shitty FICO score, it can be used against you)
      • Social security number
      • People with whom you are acquainted
      • Criminal history
      • Payment records
      • Education
      • Medical report
      • Driving records, etc

The list of details can vary, and not all employers find it necessary to conduct a full check. For some, it might be enough to find out whether you have the needed level of education and professional experience.

What to say to your potential employer (when they ask about your DUI)

This is the oh shit moment…you get a call back from your potential employer, and they want to ask you a few more questions.  One of those questions is about that DUI…they want to know some details about it and ask you to explain the circumstances behind it.

Be Prepared

Understand that you will probably have to explain yourself,  so the best way to do this is to run a similar check on your own to see what thy may learn about you from it – get copies of all records, study them, and just be prepared.

Don't lie

While an attempt to omit certain facts about you may not be such a bad thing, lying about it if it comes up can screw up your chances with that potential employer.  So…don't lie about it, just don't talk about it unless it comes up.  Explain the circumstances behind that DUI as best as you can.

Explain it

Try to explain it as best you can and give it some context.  Look, odds are pretty good that the person interviewing you for your job also did some stupid shit when he or she was younger.  Show this person how yea, you did something dumb way back when, but you've learned a lot since then and have a clean record since that awful experience.

Don't bring it up unless they do first

As was mentioned earlier…don't bring that shit up unless they do first.  Don't offer up any details.  But be prepared to talk about it honestly and openly.

Is it possible To clear a DUI record?

Yea, it's possible, but it depends on each state's unique laws. This process is called “Expungement”. Consult with a reliable and professional lawyer before making a decision on this. There are a lot of rules, exceptions, and nuances to look out for.