State: California County: San Diego

I ran a stop sign, kind of. It was a newly added stop sign on my old neighborhood street. On my way to work, in January, the sun would rise in a direction that completely blinded me on this road. I knew the stop signs were new but stopped way too early but knew it was around that location. When I started going again, the officer was parked on the cross street of the stop sign and didn\'t see me stop (before the stop sign line) and just thought I ran it. I didn\'t want to be late for work so I didn\'t want to try and explain and waste anyone\'s time. Shortly after this incident I moved from San Marcos to Encinitas and didn\'t received my court date paperwork until after the fact (I don\'t own a key to my new mailbox, my roommate does and she had it in her unread mail stack until recently). I was holding on to my ticket but misplaced that during the move as well. Needless to say, the court appearance fell off my radar and received the failure to appear in court notice from the DMV and my license is now suspended. Is there any hope to get this off my record?

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